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Moving Companies That Pack For You and how long it take

Moving Companies That Pack For You and how long it take

Moving house should be an exciting time, a new start with a fresh outlook. Keeping it that way is
important to a professional moving company as the man van. They understand the importance of utilising time and
resources appropriately to get the job done safely and efficiently. One area where you could help
and possibly save some money would be to carry out your own packaging. Indeed some
Moving companies expect you to do this yourself. But often choosing a
professional moving company that
offers a packing service can save you time, money and stress.

Time To Pack

Although on first appearance packing a home into boxes does not sound too difficult, it is one of
those tasks that you are not likely to have done often before. This is where a professional packing
team can excel, it is their trade and they are geared up to achieve the task proficiently and quickly.
This can take a lot of stress away from a move. Knowing you have a competent moving company
that will pack and transport your possessions with care offers peace of mind.
Packing does take time, for example, an average studio or 1 bedroom flat takes approximately 2 to 4
hours to pack ready for transportation. Larger properties take longer, with an average 4-bedroom
house taking 8 to 12 hours to pack. These times are for professional packers at themanvan and you will find that it
takes an individual considerably longer. This time taken is often better spent continuing your own
life; the need to take time off work and cancel other plans is negated. This means when you look at
the cost involved you may find you are better financially to use a moving company that packs your
goods themselves.

Packaging Materials

If you do decide to pack your own possessions for transport you will find that some of the extra time
taken is down to the professional team being able to assess what type of packing is suitable for your
items. This can be difficult for a homeowner as ensuring safe transportation of your possessions
always starts with the correct packaging. Using old cardboard boxes and newspapers may seem like
a great idea, but choosing the correct packaging can ensure a high-quality result and save the cost of
replacing damaged items. Using acid-free paper for glass and delicate objects ensures they are not
damaged or marked by old newsprint. Often furniture like sofas can pose packaging problems, these
can be solved by using purpose-made covers which are simple to fit and keep furniture clean and

Correct use of packaging and move service

With modern electronic devices like TV’s and computers the correct packaging is paramount, these
items need to be packaged not only to protect them from impact damage but also to protect them
from the moving process the moving process where poorly packaged items are at risk of unseen damage from the
vibration associated with the vans and commercial vehicles used to transport your possessions.
Professional moving companies that pack for you will be well versed in the correct use of packaging
for the journey ahead, leaving you free to get on with life knowing your possessions are in safe

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