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Graduation from University, Where to move to now.

Graduation from University, where to move to now?

In the following days a student after graduation from university, a new graduate has to think about where they go from here. There are so many places to live in the United Kingdom, so many historical places, but only one London. Assuming our character, Johnny, has just decided to move to London. What student moving services are available to make that happen?studente moving service

Some Context

Johnny has just graduated from the University of Cambridge and has a lucrative job in London. He is a student and knows how to take advantage of the deals that some London-based companies offer. He finds a nice pad, closer to the old street area of London, and now it is time to check out those moving companies. Search, “The man van student moving services.”


As soon as the Google search engine go done, it is easy to see there are more than a dozen or so options for him to choose “The man van” some offer free quotes and states that “On average, our customers save 75%,” not a bad notion.

A good place to start, so Johnny is moving from CB2 1TN, to NW11, Brent Cross. He did not have much, just a desk, dresser, and stereo system and got our base price.

This is not the only company, and a savvy shopper doesn’t just buy the first thing they see. Send-my-bag has a very high customer review rating of 4.8/5 stars, and the company has accumulated over 1,500 reviews. Logically one must investigate. They give a nice diagram of the process of moving, assumedly for those needing help figuring out what the steps are to moving out and a reminder for the rest of us.

Starts with a quote, then if happy a customer can book online, and then bags must be set and prepared for the movers to collect the baggage. A fond reminiscent moment floats up as he remembers a friend talking about using this service.

Johnny continues his search, looking at ” The man van Student Storage box, offering student moving services, storage, and free “UK Move.” Sounds perfect, he needs to clean out the purchased pad before moving his stuff in there, plus he wanted to visit the folks before making the move. It was just getting into December; it’d be nice to stay for the holidays.

Final Decision

He decides to put his desk, dresser, and stereo into storage until he moves to London in January. The job did ask for a start date; he had yet to give. He ordered his luggage to be sent to his mum and dad’s place in Colchester, and it was a beautiful place in the wintertime.

It was rather simple to pack everything up; he scheduled the pickup for the 15th, the day his lease was up in Cambridge. Day off he caught the National Express East Anglia train, along the way he reflected on his four years at University and all the memories he made outside of the classroom as well as the information within. Two hours later, gripping his graduation cap, Johnny knocked on his folks door, bags arriving tomorrow.

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