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Cheap and temporary storage for students.

The 5 Cheap and temporary storage for students in and around London.

Being a student could at times require one to carry extensive research. Traditionally, researchers and the book geeks were characterised by carrying loads and loads of files to and from classes. It may not always be books, don’t you know of the wine that you could love to keep before Friday night?

In our age, things are getting simpler, you only need some internet for research and a cheap temporary storage for your student needs.

So, are you worried on where to find a cheap and temporary storage facility for students near your residence? If you are, you only need to check out some building next to your school. The following is a list of 5 of the best businesses that offer cheap and temporary storage for students from your next door, you’ll need to find a cheap man with a van, to get all your belongs there and why not get the cheap one, The Man Van.

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The Space ways stores:

They are the most popular store in town for student storage services. They charge from £3 per month. Their services are always reliable and (I have to admit) very fancy. Besides storage, they can also move your parcels making them even more favorable. However, their services are a little expensive what could make them less popular with time.

The Big Yellow:

The big yellow is the market leader in terms of service and cheap self-storage for students in the entire of England. Just think of prices that start from £2.5 a month. Besides, it has over 37 stores in London alone. This makes it the most preferable option for storage and in goods transfer. Besides, it is estimated that nine in every ten students who have used their services rate it with a 5-star. So if you would love to have the embodiment of both quality and cost you can try the “Big Yellow” near you. Nevertheless, some students cannot consider to place £2.5 per month in their list of cheap temporary storage for students. To them, there can always be another plan below.

The Love-space storage:

The Love-space storage facility for students are a better plan for those who love to save a pound. Their storage costs begin from just a staggering £1.95 per month. I guess that is the sounds better to save some   £0.51 for a different task. This company is yet to be established, but with no doubt their services are worth yearning for.

The Shurgard student store:

from Norbury to Neasden down to the Edgware then to about 17 other storage locations in London are the Shurgards. They fall in this list for their cheap and temporary storage services for student. They have a vast scope of storage facilities and are very reliable over box storage services to us students. Their services start from just £1 per month. This is what makes them fall in my list of cheap and temporary storage facilities for students.

The Fort Box Student Storage: If you stay in the city’s central business district area and wish to have the very best services at their cheapest, try the Fort Box Student Storage. They offer more than just cheap and temporary storage for students. You can enjoy van transportation to school and even a cool place with free WIFI to study. You need not to worry, there is always a store owned by a neighbor.

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