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Moving office on saturday hours

The best day on the week to move your office in London

Moving a office on Saturday hours to other place no far away is quite easy if you hire a competent removal service, there’s many out there, its the easy part to find one to moving your office.

The hard part is to pack and make sure all you things are well and safe as a computer documents and many others as desk chairs so all the equipment that you have on your office that need to be moved.
moving on weekend

One important thing

ask you self, do you really want to do deal with all this ? so if you answer yes for that, here is a good trick. Day before you move, you can ask all your colleagues to stop work 2 hours before the close time.

Give them some boxes and bubble wrap, ask each one to pack all they computers and small stuff. It will not take longer and they all know what they have and what they’ll  need to start work on the next Monday, its always recommended to book a removal service for weekend Saturday or Sunday make sure that you’ll  have a lot of time to get all done and all your employers can start work normally on the next Monday without any interruption, tell all your employers to pack they belongs and leave it on they desk.

Save your time is really important

Ask the removal company if they can provide some Crates its better then cardboard boxes its stronger and really bigger, try to hire it instead of buy and the cost will be around  £0.70 per week, you can google it and look for a cheaper price, ask the company to delivery it to you one week before your move day as you’ll have time to pack and when the removal van arrive they just need to deal with the furniture and the load process, make sure to have a park suspended that the Removal van can park properly its really important thing to do.

If it all look a lot for you, why don’t ask the removal company to do all this for you, some removal company can provide the pack material and send a team to you later on Friday they will take all the furniture apart if need and disconnect all your electronics and pack all your files for you
its simple and quicker they know how to do properly, that you don’t need to deal with all this stressful thing and have a wonderful weekend. check our price list on our home page and give as a call and let book it.

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