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How to Save Money During a Move

How to Save Money During a Move

A lot of people around the world dread moving from place to place, this could be due to the amount of work and stress involved but more due to the extra expenses it brings. Newsflash! Moving doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

Well, there are plenty of ways to save during a move, plenty!
They work together to eventually save you some money during your long awaited, big move.
The first cheap moving option is simple and it’s…

Using used boxes and try to get a local man and van.
The average person moving spends over £50 on moving boxes from their local general store (what!?).
Yeah, I know right. Many common grocery stores will happily give you their used boxes for free, in fact, some are actually looking to get rid of some just lying around so take advantage of this!
If you insist on buying new boxes to avoid some hassle of asking around, the cheapest places to purchase sturdy moving boxes are Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon (sometimes they’re free of charge), Lowe’s and Sam’s Club.

And/or you could use linen or old t-shirts you have stored away somewhere as cushioning inside your boxes instead of the pricey packing peanuts and bubble wrap which could add up to over £25. Cushion from an old pillow or pillows could also be used, as well as newspaper that you’ve already read and isn’t very useful anymore.

Inviting family members and friends to help you pack
This is also another cheap moving option as they won’t expect money in return and you could make it a fun bonding event. They will, along with your help of course, get a lot more done than you could and in less time which overall makes for a less stressful moving experience. Win/win situation.

As you are going to need to label each box with the name of the items inside, you’d think you need these heavy duty markers that cost £2 a pop, right? You don’t. If you have children, their crayons and colorful markers that they started ignoring months ago will do just fine. Dark pens and pencils also do the same job and just as efficiently. I’ve heard of some women using their old and neglected eyeliners. Give it a try!

Pack only what you need. Instead of packing, requiring more boxes for things that you don’t use and know for sure you wont have any use for after the move, have a garage sale or sell them at a bazaar. This way you save money on packing supplies and gain some extra cash.

Decide on your means of transportation
Choose your removal company wisely, check prices, available discounts, pricing packages, coupons, everything. Moving by man with van is usually of the cheapest methods but can entail other risks so do your research, call for free quotes, etc.
Some of the most trusted moving companies that come with reasonable prices and Budget is a plus

Cheap and safe moving!…

How to be safe when hire a local man and van

Tips to locate the safety Local Man and Van in London area.

Most of us who stay in London have been forced to move a couple of times right ?

Here is where we need to pay attention, hire a local man and van is a good option but you will be surprised to know that London alone has over 1000 dedicated man and van registered businesses. As such, it could be important to know which of the businesses serves best and efficiently. To determine the best local man and van near you will only need a small checklist to ensure you get the best and cheap one. That is:local man and van safaty first

  1. Make a deep search: the second step after wanting to move is obviously to search for the the local man and van business near you. check on Google and other search engines. They have made the distance between you and the man van  business near you to be as easy as a “double tap.” So, you got my permission to stop reading and enter the phrase “man and van hire clapham” and read through some of them then get moving.
  2. Confirm the business residence: The internet alone is not enough. Take a step to check out the business premise before you hire your local man and man. To know what I mean, you only need to ask yourself this question: “Do all ladies look as pretty as they are on Facebook?” Certainly not. So, come-on man, this is a city. You don’t want to trust any “John” or “Edward” who asks to visit your home/business and move your office/home by just looking at a site. There is more to learn from the physical office than the softcopy.
  3. Consider the cost of delivering: If you are after moving something precious like an office, you will love to opt for the expensive options because efficiency and security matter more than even the cost. As such, it could be better to go expensive. When moving a small load however, please don’t be too expensive not unless you are really in a haste or is migrating to a palace. There are always cheaper options of local man and van business near us. Why then do you need to get worried?
  4. Check out their other services besides delivery: Hey! Don’t be in haste to hire a man and van business. It is not just about moving, it is also about enjoying the delivery. Nowadays some of the businesses offer even discounts and insurance in case our goods may get spoilt on the process of delivering, so why not look out for such assurances. Considering the cost of moving is good. But the best is to consider insurances in case of emergencies. If you are really looking for the most efficient local man and van near you, this simple tips should get you started. So go ahead and make it count.

Why a Local Man and Van Company is the Best Option.

Why a Local Man and Van Company is the Best Option

If you have plans on moving your home from one place to another, there will be a lot of things to do. Among the most important aspects to moving from one place to another is hiring the right service for the job. A full service company is a very popular choice, but if you are working on a budget, you must look for some alternatives. Local Man and Van

One of the best choices you can get is a man and van service. If you want to cut down more cost, you can help with the packing, loading, and unloading of your luggage. Among the main reasons why you should rely on man and van services is when you are moving locally and if you are not in need of too many boxes to transport huge pieces of home appliances or furniture.

Why Choose Local Man and Van Services?


Because there are several groups that can offer a service of this kind, you must not have a hard time locating a company that is reputable and highly skilled. Local companies are definitely knowledgeable in the different roads and alternative routes within your city. Transportation will be faster and easy. Aside from the physical help, they can also give guidance as to how you can handle and protect your belongings all throughout the moving process.


The best benefit of getting a local man and van service is that they can be flexible. You can choose between a small and a medium transport solution at a cost way cheaper than the usual international movers. The size and the number of pieces should not be a problem as they can handle a huge range of home appliances and furniture.

Reasonably Priced

Compared to what you should pay when you hire a full service company, the cost of getting a man and van service is way cheaper. But if you plan on using a service of this kind, you must be done within a few trips, or else the price can get higher. So you have to remember that local movers are much more advisable for you to save time and expenses on gas, toll fees, etc.


If you want to be stress and worry free when you move to your new home, it is best to get the services of a local man and van company. At the end of it all, you will surely appreciate the different qualities that these groups can offer you.

Find a Local Man and a Van in London:

London have around 1000 company that provide Man and a Van service but to find one close to you its not that easy, here you have the right information as we know a company that is close to you door step, The man van is locate in London area with office in East London, West London, South west London, South East London, North London and Central London if you need moving House or Office and if need some one Local try The man van on www.themanvan.co.uk check the price and talk with they costumer service as we all know a Local is better you help the community grow up and at the same time is one door step from you…

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