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Ready to Move House in London

Ready to Move House in London? Let ‘The Man Van’ Sort It Out for You

You know how moving can be a proper kerfuffle, right? Especially in a city that’s always on the go like London.

If you’re about to start boxing up your stuff, whether it’s your home or office, give us a shout at The Man Van – we’re top dogs in London Moving Services. Trust us, we make moving house as easy as pie, no stress, no faff – just a solid job done.

Whether it’s your great aunt Ethel’s antique vase or the tech gear from your office, we’ve got the right hands for the job. Our crew’s been around the block and they treat your things like their own. After all, no one wants to worry about precious items getting roughed up when moving.

Got a quick move on the cards? Our efficient and cheap house removal in London is a lifesaver. We’re not only reliable but also quick on our feet and flexible to the core. Plans changing last minute? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back.

With our removal services, reliability isn’t just a word, it’s a promise. We show up when we say we will, handle your stuff with kit gloves, and won’t leave until you’re grinning ear to ear. Plus, we’ve got your back covered with insurance options for those rare, just-in-case moments.

What sets us apart from the rest? Our mission to turn the ordeal of moving house into a walk in the park. We’ve got you covered with packing supplies and services, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and even secure storage solutions if you need a hand with extra stuff.


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Keeping you in the loop is our thing. We natter with you throughout the moving process, so you know what’s happening when. Every move is a unique adventure, so we’re always ready to tailor our services to suit your needs.


So, if you’re about to up sticks in London or move to this buzzing city, save yourself the headache and ring us up at The Man Van. With our focus on reliability, speed, and a stress-free experience, you can focus on the exciting bits – like planning where that fancy new sofa is going to fit in your new gaff. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Find the perfect small van for your relocation

Find the perfect small van for your relocation is alway cheap

To pick up a small and comfortable van for your move might be just the perfect option. It`s not always necessary to rent a big van in order to make sure that all your possessions, bags and boxes with furnishings will fit in the van. It`s enough to make the perfect calculations and to do everything in advance, because if you hurry in the last moment of the moving day. You can miss something during the loading of the van and thus overwhelm the entire day.

Small Moving Vans

The advantages of the small vans are numerous. First, they provide a much cheaper opt when it comes to moving house at short distances. Compared to the big expensive vans that often have a driver from the company. The small vans are recommended for another unmatched advantage. They are the best opt when you just barely can`t fit all the boxes and bags in your normal car.

Then, the small van turns very handy for a quick relocation with only a dozen bags and boxes. Find the perfect small van for your relocationYou are the driver too and you choose the route to the new location. That`s why you are responsible for the safety of your belongings. As well as arrangement and organization in the cargo area of the van.

The small vans offer an impeccable flexibility, thanks to their rear seats. That can easily drop to provide an even bigger cargo space for your belongings.

This advantage let you to store some truly big and heavy objects in a yet small moving van. Such a small vehicle might be the perfect choice for your relocation thanks to a number of other factors. But overall – it`s all about the efficiency between speed and cost.

Small van for relocation

Next are mentioned some of the other great benefits that you get by hiring only a small van:

  • Easy driving through the big cities with narrow streets or with a heavy traffic in the Downtowns. It might be a nightmare to stop a giant removal van along the street for about an hour to unload your possessions. However, the parking space is usually not an issue with a small moving van.
  • Quite less fuel is required for the smaller van, compared to the powerful big vans or with the moving trucks. They may have a greater fuel economy advantage, but the difference in the fuel consumption is enormous. That`s why hiring a big van is not a great opt when moving on a budged.
  • The small vans offer a variety of amenities just like your normal car. From air-con to navigation system and sliding side doors. You can always find the perfect van for your specific relocation.

Start by searching through the sites of the moving companies in your region. Check out their services and listings with removal vans, trucks and other vehicles. Compare their specs, read all the descriptions and specify your criteria by filling a quote. Collect at least several quotes from local companies and pick up the best offer on the best cost basis.

Then, call the moving agent to discuss the details about your expectations. About the move and about the desired van itself. Or else, go right in the company`s office to book your relocation.

Not to mention that you can directly see the chosen van and therefore get a better visual orientation about its size and storage compartment. In brief, the small vans are indispensable when you want to do almost everything. By yourself and when you search for a cheap, efficient opt for small removals.

How to Find the Best Man and Van Service

How to Find the Best Man and Van Service

While relocating, the biggest issue is to get some professional help. Removal is not something that one can manage alone easily. If you are doing it alone then you need to put in a lot of efforts as well as you need a lot of time as well. It is always advised that if you can afford getting some professional help for this purpose then you must always go for it. How to Find the Best Man and Van ServiceIt will really make things easier for you. They can help you in every matter that you need to deal with.

Also, you do not have all the tools and equipment that is needed for performing the removals.

Tips for Finding the Best Man and Van

The professional help will also make the process safer as they are also going to protect your belongings. You will not have to stay bothered about the safety of the stuff and will not have to keep an eye over it. When you are looking for any service then your major concerns must be reliability, security and affordability.

If you find all these attributes in any company or professionals then your entire process will be completely smooth and stress free. Obviously, everyone would love to have such an easy experience.

How to Find the Best Man and Van Service

One of the options for such a trustworthy service providers can be to hire some man with a van service. But the issue is that it is not as easy to find some company as you think. You need to think and research a lot so as to make a good decision.

Obviously, you need to know properly that to whom you are going to give the responsibility of your possessions and valuables. The research process must be conducted with full responsibility. You must get some information about searching such a service from some experienced resource. The information can also help you in saving your money.

The first and the most useful tip is that if you have to move a small home or you only have to move a few things then hiring a man with a van is the best possible solution for you. These services are very convenient for small moves and you can easily estimate your budget.

Man with a van near me

Obviously, if you are going to hire a big company then there cost will be higher. The cost of such services is precise as compared to the costs of big companies. When you only have to move few items or a small house then there is no point left for hiring a big company and spending more.

Always try to choose the man with van service that falls within your area. Choosing the local service will also shrink your cost to a bit and remember every bit matters. Hiring a service that is far away from your location will make you pay much. Just search for the companies or services within your area and then choose the best amongst them.

After shortlisting few services, you must ask for the free quote for the service by describing them all the services that you want them to perform for you.

Do not forget going through the reviews regarding your selected man and van services. Do review their ratings and reviews that will be available online for sure. These days customers do share their reviews for the help of other customers. It will really help you in narrowing down your research.

Always look for the quality of the services and do not avail the cheapest service available. The low cost can make you pay more at the end so select carefully.

By following these tips you can easily find the desired man and van service and get your job done.

Best advice to hire a man with a van in London

Best advice to hire a man with a van in London, you’ll get it cheaper!

When contemplating hiring a van for removal services in the UK, there are a number of factors to consider. If you are too busy or hate moving, you can hire a removal company to oversee the moving process including packaging and loading of all your belongings.

Best advice to hire a man with a van in London

Alternatively, you can hire a van and man service, which is not only more affordable but also have several benefits. In this arrangement, a removable service company will provide you with a van and along with it.

A helper to load your goods onto the van and will also be there to unload them at your new location. man and a van hire in LondonOften, the helper also doubles up as the van driver, somebody who knows best the capacity and specifications of the van you hire.

Among other things, the man knows the fuel consumption and turning abilities of the van. In this regard, he knows how to arrange your belongings – how to center the weight when loading.

The Internet can help

To affect this, you can search on the Internet the numerous companies offering removable services. For the benefit of costs, you can zero on the removable companies around your current or those near your future address. Always take everything the companies say they offer with a pinch of salt. It pays to do some thorough research on any removal company that you think suits your specific needs. Some entice prospective clients by offering suspect competitive prices to beat their competition.

Reputable man with a van hire companies

Next is to physically visit the companies to get first-hand information about their purported services. Ask for quotations and any additional services being offered for comparison. Settle for reputable and high-quality removal companies offering genuine services. Such companies are well established and have been in the removal business for a number of years. In addition, they offer different services to ease your moving process. They also manage the entire moving process to ascertain that everything goes with perfection and that your items and packages are not lost or damaged.

Additional Services

Additional services include free pick-up and drop off, clean up can be an added extra which is very beneficial to some, for example if your closest van and man hire is east London, but you live in South east London than free drop off will save you a lot of effort and time. Other additional services like road assistance can also be vital in the case of accidents or breakdown.

Insurance Policy

To be of the safer side, it’s advisable to get an insurance policy. Accidents do happen even with top notch removal company. Just imagine budgeting for another 60-inch plasma screen TV is it got damaged from an accident.

Off-peak time/season – for cheap price

Once this is done, plan ahead and, if possible, set your moving time on the off-peak time of the day, possibly at night or in the wee hours before everyone is around and about. If time is on your side, you can arrange your moving day to coincide with non peak season of the year when business in low on their side. You are likely to get even a better deal. Furthermore, you will feel more confident and stress-free that you have adequately prepared well in advance.

Before the actual day, confirm that all your possessions are properly packed and all the boxes correctly labeled to make your unpacking much easier and to avoid disorganization at your new place. If you arrive at your new address at night, post-pone unloading your belongings until day-break. This minimizes breakages and damages of delicate items.

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You Must Moving to South East London before 2016.

You Must Moving to South East London before 2016 if you really Love London area.

House Removal in South east London: Definitely theres no better place to visit and even live in than Southeast London. With all the growing businesses and transportation links in Southeast London. A lot of people from all over the world including bankers, professionals, artists and other businessmen are starting to buy properties. And settle somewhere across the Southeast London area.

Not only is the place great for its good-priced accommodation but it is also starting to gain popularity for being the site for many awesome London films.

If you are planning to move and live in the area, hiring a good House Removal in South east London is a huge advantage but be careful with the some removal scam, please if you follow this simple step you’ll have a great experience with any removal man and van that you’ll hire to help you with all your removals needs.

Hiring a House Removal in South east London

After finally choosing a specific area to live in London, moving your things from your original place to the next is a big step. Make your moving experience a lot more convenient and comfortable by hiring the best house removal companies in Southeast London. Here are some tips on how you can find the best teams to deal with:

1. Do not pay any Deposit, all your belongs will be on they truck, if they ask you for a deposit avoid it, please as i told you, all you household is on they truck, why they ask for a deposit ?man and van South East London

2. Do not hire any one that only provide you a mobile number. It can be a disaster they have one number today maybe tomorrow don’t have the same number!

3. Check the Companies address they must have one, check on google. Its good to know who you are deal with and where you can fide the company if need to.

4. Always prioritise locals Moving companies locally operating within the area of your choice in Southeast London. They are always to best ones to deal with when in need of moving services.

Not only are the locals knowledgeable about the directions and locations but they can also help you settle in more comfortably. Locals can also give you tips and essential information about the Southeast London area of your choice. To help you adapt faster with the community and the people.

5. Looking for recommendations

Don’t rely on your own when looking for a moving company in Southeast London. Seek out recommendations from friends and loved ones in order to find the best. Obtain a list of recommended companies to have higher chances of finding a good one and avoid any scam.

6. Do some investigations

After having a good number of recommended moving companies in Southeast London, doing some investigations about the company, its certifications and insurance. The services they offer and the quality of service they provide is the next thing to do. Most moving companies have their own websites and by visiting these sites. You can learn a lot about the companies that never picked the one that only provide you a mobile number it is the first thing you must look at to avoid any removal scam.

7. Get estimates

Most moving companies offer free estimates to clients if you want to look for the best one. Availing yourself of these estimates is a good choice. Always remember to let them know all the important details to determine the correct price range. There can be abrupt changes in prices on the moving day. If the estimator finds your things much more than you have originally shown.

8. Consider your budget

Once you have the details about the most recommended moving companies in Southeast London. And the price estimates, you are now ready to choose a moving company. Always consider your budget when making a choice to avoid overspending.


Whether you are moving to Docklands, New Cross, Greenwich or Canary Wharf, a good moving company in Southeast London can help you make the journey a lot easier. Move to Southeast London without hassle.  3773 9113

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