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How much does a man and a van cost

How much does a man and a van cost in London area ? people say its cheap and can be helpful.

Have you been looking for a reliable company that offers world-class removal services? Many company offers both commercial and residential services and its really cheaper. The services are customized to match with every customer’s needs and taste. Your location of residence in London should never be a worry. The man van covers east London, north London, west London and south east London. Let’s see whether the company lives up to what it promises.


What a man with a van in London can do for you

Man with a van companies offers a wide range of services. The following are the most common services;

House clearance

Perhaps you need your house to be cleared partially or wholly. The man with a van can help you to clear your house. You can hire these services for sofa set, mattresses, tables, fridges, computers and others items cleared from your house. The unwanted items can be disposed from your house in the most eco-friendly way.

Office relocation

If you want to do office relocation efficiently the man van  is the best choice. This is because you will be provided with packing boxes and wrapping materials that will help you to pack your items correctly. The relocation is done quickly and efficiently. In fact, chances of getting delays are slim to none.

Home removals

The man van offers both loading and offloading services. It doesn’t matter whether you want to move small loads or big loads. You can have all the services offered to you. The moving services can be extended to those people who live outside London.

Storage services

Relocating into a new home may not be possible for just a day. For this reason, you need to find a place to store your items temporarily. The man van is the best option to have your items stored safely. We ensures that your goods are stored in a way that will make you feel satisfied.

Assembling furniture

Assembling and disassembling furniture is not easy especially for those who have never done it before. This is where we comes in. you will have your furniture disassembled and reassembled when they land in your new location. This furniture includes; beds, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes and TV desks. You can also have your furniture moved from the carpenter to your home.

Others services that the man van offers include; packing services, student moves, man and van hire among other services.

Why choose The man with a van

Reliable and punctual services- man with van can be trusted. This is because the staff ensures that the items are delivered on time. Moreover, the goods are given absolute care and you will expect no damages on your fragile goods.

24/7 services- the services are offered at any time of the day; both day and night. Therefore if you want emergency removal services, you can call at any time and you will get instant assistance. To top up the best performance, the services are delivered even on weekends and public holidays. In fact, weekends and holidays are the busiest days.Man and van at The man van

Affordable prices-the prices charged to have your removals done can be accommodated by your tight budget. Both small and medium removals are charged affordably. The payments can be made by cheque, cash or by cards. However, payment must be made before the removal services are offered.

Special storage- your valuable items need to be handled with care. Man with a van London has special facilities that safeguard such items.

Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Is booking in advance allowed?

Yes. It is important to book early enough before the removal day. This is because there is competition for space. You may miss space if you wait until it is too late.

  1. 2. How are fragile items handled?

Fragile items are vulnerable to damage if they are not handled correctly. To make sure that your items are protected, man with a van makes sure that those items are wrapped in strong wrapping papers.

  1. 3. Am I allowed to move in the same van?

The vans usually accommodate two people plus the driver. Those people are not charged anything. This means that you will only pay for the removals. However, if you want to travel in the van, you must give a notice earlier. It is also important to note that travelling in the van is at your own risk and the company is not liable if something happens on the way.

  1. 4. How long does it take for my goods to be delivered?

Man with a van works hard to ensure that the time quoted is adhered to. The delivery will be around the estimated time but not the exact time. This is because there are some external factors that may cause delays.

Handling large removals

The nature of man with a van does not allow very large removals. This is because the removals are impossible to handle. Those items include; large pianos and other large items. Special arrangements are made for the removal of such items. However, you must pay an extra coin for those removals.

Prices charged

The prices charged by man with a van in London varies depending on the distance covered. For example, fuel charges are applied for removals outside M25. Congestion and packing fee may also be charged where necessary. Students with NUS identification are given 10% discount when they hire man van in London. VAT charges are not charged. It is also important to note that all prices are explained clearly and there are no hidden charges.


If you are living in London and you want to get the best removal services then it will be prudent to seek man with a van especially in London. The company has is cheaper compared to removal companies. Hiring it will save your money a great deal. Many customers who have used these services have given positive testimonies on the quality of service that they have received. You can also take advantage of these removal services. Hire today!!…

How A Single Mum Can Find Help When Moving House

How a Single Mum Can Find Help When Moving House.

When moving, a single mother can either hire a professional moving company or a local man and a van to help her out. Moving a house involves several packages, ranging from the full moving packages, to hybrid and finally to the do-it-yourself packages. It is very stressful for a single mum to move all by herself. Hence, it is prudent to hire a local man and a van.

Advantages of hiring movers include:

· Stress free

Hiring a qualified individual together with a van to fully begin moving makes them liable to any damages. You should find someone offering moving services that will take good care of every single aspect from packing to unpacking in new locations. Mum do not stressAll you have to do is make sure that everything is being carried out smoothly, leaving you stress-free. The person should be knowledgeable in that kind of job. Situations where a single mother is doing everything all by herself is practically very stressful.

· Cheap and sociable

Before proper calculations, hiring a professional might seem a bit costly for single women. It certainly works in your favor when hiring an expert. Do a rough approximation on how much you would pay to hire a means of transport, pack the employees yourself, fuel the vehicle, ferry the goods to the new location, probably hire some hands to help you unload and then compare that with how much you would pay to hire a professional to do a similar amount of work. You will recognize that you will be saving more money, energy and time as well.

· Skill and equipment you lack

You might have equipment that requires very delicate and expert handling. A good example is moving your expensive fridge to another place. You can easily find a skillful guy for moving services. Moreover, you will totally enjoy quality services and have he while using his apt equipment and skill to move your assets safe and sound. It is really tough in undertaking a move like this all by yourself or by hiring different people for different jobs. Going for one single person and a van enables one entity to be fully responsible for all your assets.

· Heavy lifting

A do-it-yourself effort at heavy lifting often results in damages to walls or furniture while moving through hallways, doorways, or areas with restricted spaces. Moreover, heavy lifting is unsuitable for your spine, thus, avoid straining your back. Find a professional who has been perfectly trained and has the knowledge of carefully moving home contents without causing any damage.

· Packing and labeling

A lot of time is wasted in packing and labeling. However, you can get a professional who will help you save a lot of time and effort that’s needed in preparing the move. All aspects of packing and labeling the boxes are put into consideration to avoid any confusion. This makes sure valuables and delicate items are safe en route to your new destination.

· Property safety

A professional mover takes additional care of your assets at all times. He can even go a step further in using specialized materials to pack your belongings. He will also make good use of the van available for the transportation job. A laid down procedure is often followed to ensure everything moves fast and smooth as well.

It is very easy to find a guy and a van to help you move. Nonetheless, it requires early planning, a strategic approach and being careful. As a single mum, don’t ever stress yourself. You can always go online to find the best moving person and van as well.…

Tips on how to move your office in the last minute.

Tips on how to move your office in the last minute using the cheapest company

Are you a business that needs to change its premise? Or is your business opening a new branch? Do you need help to moving office on last minute? If your answer is a “Yes”, then the internet city offers you more answers than you can properly take on this topic.

We live in a world that is characterised by huge advancements in business. With the growth in business comes an urge to venture into new areas. In London for example, it is estimated that there exist over 500 dedicated office movers in the city. So what can guide one in need to moving offices on last minute? it not mean that it will be really expensive just because doing it on last minute, you can still find a cheap man and a van that can help you with a really good price.
The amount of goods to me moved: for a developing business as well as the advanced ones, the cost of the services is of great significance. When you have a small office to be relocated consider to opt to small sized and cheaper priced office movers like the Smart Removers. However for advanced businesses, trust and efficiency are key, as such, it could be better to think of already advanced last minute office movers for this job.

Check on the reviews and the history of a company: when you really need help in moving an office on the last minute, speed and quality need to be your key checking points. As such, one needs to study the reviews of the companies and compare those who support them as well as the critics before making a judgment. Do not rush in making decisions, trust is at times costly in both time and money. As such, when in need of moving office on the last minute, think of established ones too like the Any Van and the Removers office movers.
Consider the cost: Not all companies in England make millions, some strive on the edge of survival and extinction. Thus, when an owner or a planner intends to move offices of such companies, it is important to take time to research on the cost and take the least time to move them. This not matter even if you had to do it overnight, the important part is that the company will thrive by using a cheaper option.
Inspect their “report cards”: If you get a slight chance to see some of the previous jobs done by the company you intend to use, never hesitate to see how efficient they operate. It will cost you no money to pay attention on their jobs, but it can cost you your entire business if you ignore. It is therefore important that when you need help to move office on the last minute you take some time to inspect the contractor’s “report card”.
Consider some additional services offered by the company: when the entire business of house moving started, it had nothing apart from moving offices. In the current world however, on may need to be assured of additional services like the arrangement of the offices and insurance in case of damage. Therefore, when you need help in moving offices in the last minute, look beyond just moving.

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How to hire a cheap man and van hire London

How to hire a cheap man and van hire in London area with just one phone call.

London is a masterpiece of city designs; a city of dreams. Its aerial photos are what sells in many movies. In addition, London also hosts the world’s most cherished house architectural blueprints ever made. To believe this, you only need to take any poorly taken picture on the Houses of Parliament and you will know why my description is still inadequate. But not every person stays in the palaces, some of us come from the downer part of the city where we crave to find cheap manual labor as a cheap man and van hire in London area is quite easy to find.

So, how do I hire a cheap man in London?google it, man and van cheap one

Try some immigrant labor: As I did state, London is a city of dreams, it attracts several immigrants some of whom are after getting some cash to push on with the city life. Most of them can easily offer cheap manual labor that even the St. Giles’ born can afford without a hiccup. So your first though to acquiring cheap man for hire is simply to try an immigrant.
Advertise your job or look at google: If you need a cheap man in London, make an effort to shout where you need a helping hand. By saying you “shout”, I don’t mean you talk about it everywhere, just write the note “I need hire a cheap man and a van hire in London or area…. Contact me via +44….” Pin it then wait for a call.

Don’t be too desperate:

Please don’t tell Satan that Jesus has died he will turn worse, tell him Jesus will resurrect. When you need a cheap man for hire, don’t use begging words like “please”, “beseech” and other imploring words when talking to a common laborer. This makes them charge you an extra fee due to your desperation. So do you need to hire a cheap man in town? Stop begging use a professional request like “kindly, ….,” then try the above tactics alongside it.

How do I find a cheap van hire in London?

I once made a “mistake” of entering the phrase “Cheapest van hire in London” on the Google search engine. You cannot believe it that I found over 1 million results in fractions of seconds, all of them with no adequate guide of how to acquire the cheapest and the best. That made me research on the simplest tactics as opposed to companies and below is how to make the cut in cheap van hire in London.
Be on the watch out in your residence: To find a cheap van hire in London, you only need to walk with your eyes open and you will not miss to get several cabs moving in your own house yard that can pick you up early to work in

the most affordable costs.

Be the first to make van hire offer: In the case of van hire companies, the cheapest among the van hire companies is the one with the least demand. So if you want it cheap, be the first one in the line and develop the trust with your van hire company that will moving you by being a regular.


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