How The Price of Diesel is Affecting Removal Service in 2022

Whether you’re a removal driver or not, you can’t escape the rising cost of fuel how this is having a knock-
on effect on so much more. When you consider that the supply chain of getting pretty much
anything from A to B relies on fuel and the cost of this is usually passed onto the consumer. That is
why those that are searching for a reliable man and van service may have noticed prices creeping up.

Rising Costs for Removal Companies in 2022

When you consider that a large chunk of the day for any man and van service is going to be driving
from one location to another, it is no surprise that they are starting to notice a rise in costs. The
average cost for fuel across the UK is higher than ever & in fact, has been rising even above previous
record levels for a number of weeks.
Fuel is one of those things that we need. It isn’t like our weekly drink on a Saturday that we have as a
treat or a takeaway we cheekily order every now and then – it’s a necessity and it’s hard to avoid
buying it altogether. Even shopping around for fuel can prove counter-productive when you consider
how much you could potentially spend driving around to an alternative petrol station.

Seeking a Cheap Removal Service

Unfortunately, removal services aren’t exempt from the rising cost of fuel and we’re affected in the
same way as you are. As a business that relies on using large amounts of fuel, undoubtedly there are
going to be times when are costs may be more than they were previously. When looking for a cheap
removal service, it is important to consider what you get for the package compared to the price tag.
We’re proud to offer a cost-effective service, but also we always go the extra mile to ensure that
your home move runs as smoothly as possible. We cover the whole of London with multiple offers
which means that no matter your location and the size of your moving project we’ll be able to
allocate the best drivers and removal men to suit you and your needs.

What Man and Van Have To Say About It

Rising costs are something that we’re all aware of regardless of whether we run a removal business or not.
We have all seen the knock-on effect of rising costs of removals across the board thanks to stiff increases in the
cost of filling up. We’re dedicated to offering a cheap removal service that is something that will
never change. As costs rise there may be some changes to the price tag attached to our service, but
we’ll always do everything we can to help ensure that you get nothing less than great value for
We know that moving house is already a costly time and that you’ll be wanting to ensure that your
costs are kept as manageable as possible. Get in touch today for a quote and let’s have a no-
obligation chat about what you need and how we can help.

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