The Best Ways to Occupy the Kids During the Moving Process

Kids During the Moving Process: Moving can be tough on its own and even harder when you have small children running around. In many families these days, both parents have to be at work during the and home evenings and weekends taking care of the children.

There is very little time for other activities, especially when it comes to packing up the house and getting ready for the next big move.

Tips to Make Moving Easier for Kids

Here are a few suggestions as to how to handle the little ones while preparing for and moving home.

Many families that have school aged children often opt to move during a time of the year that school is not in. This option is chosen to not interrupt the children’s school year by changing schools and use the less structured time to send the children off for for a period of time. It is favorable for parents to choose to send their children off to relatives for a week up to month. preparing for and moving home

Grandparents, aunts, uncles or other family members are usually more than happy to help with the children during this time. As they often know from experience that it is much easier to make these type of transitions without little ones in the house.

It is really great to have close family or friends to help when situations like this come up. These are people that you have known your entire life, know what to expect when it comes to your children and in most cases loving care for your children is free.

Advice for Moving With Children

Another great idea for the children, is to send them to overnight summer camp.

There are many wonderful enriching options for children, that can last from a few days to the entire summer vacation. There are camps based around sports, art, horseback riding, music, service work and just about any child friendly fun activity you can think of.

As with any situation that you are going to put your children in, be sure to do your due diligence and check that you are choosing a safe place for your child to spend time while you are packing up and moving home.

A last solution could be to talk with your children and have them choose a hand full of items in their rooms that they simply cannot live without for about a week and maybe pack up that section of their rooms during that time. Then for the actual move, have them stay at a friends house for a couple of nights so you can have peace of mind while shuffling boxes in and out of the moving van.

As stated previously, moving can be hard, but you can make the entire process much easier on the whole family by exploring some of your options to send your children away during the moving process. Remember, close family and friends first, they are the most likely to help you out in a bind, look into overnight summer camps or consider friends for a shorter period of time when in a real bind.


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