Know all about how to load a removal van with heavy furniture and boxes when you move house

You need to load your removal van properly with heavy furniture.
This is very important for the safety of your stuff as well as to ensure that you are able to unpack properly when you reach your destination. Just keep certain things in mind while moving house and everything will become alright.
You need to plan well.

Know how much stuff you have and then plan to get a removal van accordingly. Keep in mind the amount of space you have in front of your to park and load it. Though it is advisable to get a van that is slightly bigger than your requirements, you may even opt for a smaller van and make multiple trips if that suits you better.heavy furniture and boxes
Make sure that you keep certain things handy when you have to pack heavy furniture. This will include flat ties, soft ropes, old army blankets along with some flattened out boxes. Basically you need to ensure that all is secured well and does not move during packing. In order to do so, you have to fill in the gaps by stuffing in something.
You need to load your heavy furniture in the bottom layer.

Keep it at the back of the removal van. You need to load your sofa first. Wrap it up in old blankets. This would include the cushions too. This means that you do not have to remove anything. Just wrap everything up in blankets and load it on the van. Now place it in such a way that the back of sofa faces the front of your fan. Since you have a soft base of the sofa with you, you can place all your delicate electronic equipment on it. This would include TV, stereo system and so on.
You can place the chairs upside down on the sofa. Make sure that you tie these well with soft ropes. Now you must ensure that this furniture does not move. In order to do so you must fill in the gaps with various stuff such as pillows, soft toys, bedding, loose clothes and so on.


The beds and wardrobes must be packed along the sides.heavy furniture This will allow them to be tied properly with ropes along the wall bars of the removal van. Dismantle your beds before loading them. This means removing all headers, footers, side tables, mirrors and so on. Now hang a blanket on the side rail and let a major portion be on the floor. Put a mattress against it to keep it in place. Now place the bed on this blanket with the mattress saving it from the sides of the removal van. You can pack the beds one over the other in order to save space. Just make sure that you tie them well in the end so that they do not move while in transit.
Wardrobes and other furniture can go opposite the beds. Tie cardboard pieces to protect the polish. Just use these simple tips and your heavy furniture will get delivered properly without any damage and have a happy end.





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