How to get a Cheap Removal Service in London and don’t lose your money

How to get a Cheap Removal Service in London and don’t lose your money the Simple way is hire a man and a van and i will tell you why

Moving house it’s really stressful and can make you lose not only time but a lot money.

you’ll lose much more thinking about if you diced to move house on you own, you’ll need to preparer many thing to make sure it will be safe and easy but how can you make it easy and safe.
all this preparation request a lot from you as to pack all you thing, thinking in how much time you’ll lose on it and I can tell you, it will be a disaster, but don’t worries about it here I will  pass to you some goods tips on how to make sure it will be safe easy and not stress at removal man and van

You’ll need to hire a really good removal service, if you are in London area the first thing you must know is “ price” normally in London the price that  some removal company charge for do a removal  “House removal or even an office” is really expense, it’s why so many people prefer to hire a man with a van, when you trying to contact a removal company you’ll see what I’m  talking about.

Try get some quotes from a man and van in London and you’ll see how much you can save. The name “man and van” its mean a cheap removal service you can move the whole house or office for about half price yes Half Price and guess what, the quality of the service can be better, the reason, you’ll deal with the removal man and van direct and there’s no one in between you and the boss.


When you try to hire a removal company that can call any “removal company” they will try to push a large truck and they will try to convincing you that you need it, but for sure you Don’t need it.

London area in really busy place with small road normally really narrow roads in the city when a truck get in the city they must have a permit to driving in central London and around  and guess what who will pay for this extra charge ? “You” yes you’ll pay for any extra charge that will come up its some thing that all the big company try to hiding from you, the price to get a permit to driving in London area is about £100 pounds and its only for driving for a day.

Okay and tell me about the parking space ! yes as any one knows a truck is huge and it need an extra space to parking and guess what you’ll need to pay for this extra charge. You yes you’ll need to apply to a permit to park a truck in front your house or office with the Council and it will be around £209, the council will make sure the space will be available for parking the removal truck.

Now I will tell you why you’ll save money instead hire a Removal company Hire a man with a van in London, when you deal with the owner of the small company they will do the best to make you happy as he’s the one that will be caring the whole job for you, a van can take up to 3.5 tonne but if you hire a Luton van it can go up to 4 tonnes and guess what. A Luton van is really large and can take up to 3 bed room house and a large office in to it easy,

you’ll not need to apply for any parking permit with the Council and the Luton van will pay only £11.50 on congestion charge in central London so just here you have save £260 by hire a man with a van but please make sure to get a Luton van as this is the proper one to do a safe house and office removal try us today and save for your tomorrow visit our home page:

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