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Professional Removals Company Battersea sw11

Professional Removals Company Battersea SW11

If you’re looking to move within Battersea, or even relocate away from the area then it stands to
reason you’re going to want to make the whole process as easy as possible. Whilst there are many
ways to do this and many things you can do in advance to make moving day easier, looking for a
professional removals company Battersea based makes perfect sense. By hiring professionals to help
you on the day of the move you know that your goods are going to be moved from A to B as quickly,
safely and efficiently as possible.

Doing Your Research around Battersea sw11 for a good removal company
Whether help you’re looking for when it comes to moving home, it makes sense to do your research
and explore all of your options. There will be no end of removals companies that can help with a
relocation within Battersea so you’ll want to do your research to make sure that the company you
choose is the best for you and your needs. Check out their website; see what services they offer and
make sure you’re happy that this matches what you need. Never be afraid to speak to a removals
company about what you need and what they’re able to offer – our friendly team are always happy
to chat through your needs with you and offer free, no obligation advice.

Getting Value for Money with Battersea removals
When you are researching your removal firm options and comparing prices, it’s really important that
you make sure that you are comparing like for like. There are lots of packages out there and whilst
they might appear the cheapest on the surface, there would be hidden costs and extras that you
need to pay out for that you haven’t realised – and the cost can soon add up. Discuss all of your
needs with the removal companies that you are interested in working with so you know the quote you have
gotten is fully inclusive of everything and therefore your comparisons are fair and accurate.

Feeling Confident in Your Choice if not look at The man van 
Of course, it isn’t just cost that you’ll want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the
company that is going to move all of your belongings from one place to the other. You’re going to
want to be confident in their abilities to move your goods for you safely and securely and that you’re
going to get the job done that you are paying them for. One of the best things you can is check out
their social media pages, review sites and even Google reviews – as this gives you a firm idea of what
the companies past customers have been saying and how happy they were with the experience. It is
probably unrealistic to expect 5 stars across the board; but you’ll definitely want to deal with a
company that have predominantly happy customers.

Working with Professionals Removals Company Battersea
Once you have chosen the company that you are going to work with, it is time to get things booked
in and arranged. Speak to them about what the day is likely to be like and what you need to do in
advance of their arrival. Getting all of this ironed out in advance means that there is no wasting time
on the day having discussions about what is needed because everyone is on the same page – and so
you can all get on with moving your to your new house and the start of your new adventure – how

Relocating | Work from Home with Removal Van Service

Relocating from London to Work from Home with Removal Van Service.

The changes brought about by the effects of the recent Covid-19 lockdowns, the ones that meant those that could work from home should do so, have subtly changed our working routines. Many employees have proved that they can effectively carry out their work obligations from their own homes.

For London’s valued workforce this means some are able to choose to continue to work from home indefinitely. Some of those that have found themselves in this situation are now choosing to relocate away from London to take advantage of a more relaxed lifestyle and lower costs of living offered in other parts of the country – which means that they can choose to live anywhere and still earn a salary working for a London based company.

The choice of destinations and homes available within the UK is vast, for Londoners looking to make this change the choice can seem a daunting one, but it also represents your exciting start to a new way of life. For those with family in other parts of the country, it may be a much simpler decision. Others will have a good idea of the kinds of locations we might like to call home.

Popular Counties

For working Londoners looking to escape the city, there have been certain traditional choices, Thurrock, Broxbourne and Dartford have proved popular in the past. But now less frequent visits are required to London offices, locations further afield are opening up for relocating Londoners. With many choosing to seek a new home by the sea locations on the coast are always going to be popular. Londoners are able to choose from locations as diverse as Brighton where you will find much of the same party vibe and feel as you are used to in London, to quieter locations in places like Cornwall or even Cumbria. Our country offers many smaller vibrant cities, countryside and small villages, coastline and even riverside properties to choose from. There are really no restrictions, a removal van can relocate your home possessions to wherever you choose in the country. When you have narrowed down your choice of location, solving where to live and call home is the next hurdle. Many Londoners choose to make a first move outside the city to a rented property that will give them the flexibility to either move locally within their new county or return to London
should the need arise. Londoners relocating who own a home in London may choose to rent the property and this can often generate sufficient funds to cover the cost of renting an out-of-London home and the occasional additional transport costs a few trips to London a month may cost.

Preparing For A Move

Relocating from London to your new location will inevitably require your own personal possessions to be carefully transported to your new home. It is a good idea to find and instruct a London removal company to carry out the move, London removal van firms are well versed in the specialist needs frequently encountered when carrying out a move in our capital city. Don’t forget packaging, this becomes especially important as on longer journeys individual items can rub together in a removal van meaning extra care must be taken to wrap individual items to ensure no damage can happen. Choosing a professional London Based Man Van company is an easy way of removing any anxiety over the move, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the start to your new life and a new

beginning in a home that may not have been possible had it not been for the changes brought about by the countries need to stay safe during the period of Covid-19 lockdowns. Often one advantage Londoners will find when they relocate is that in general housing is cheaper elsewhere, so often the painful process of getting rid of valued and loved possessions because of space issues in a new home is removed and a careful moving company can easily relocate your furniture and possessions to your new countryside home.

Man and Van Vs Removal Company

Man and Van Vs Removal Company

When it comes to moving your belongings from A to B, the chances are you’ll have a number of local
companies that claim to be the best when it comes to offering their helpful services. Whilst there are
plenty of options when it comes to both man and van and removal companies; it can be hard to
work out what is going to be best for you and your needs.

Working Out Your Needs

When it comes to man and van Vs. removal company, the best thing you can do to start is to work
out what your needs are going to be. For example, how many helping hands do you have on the day
or do you need the company you’re working with to provide a number of staff members? How much
stuff do you have to move? Would a self-load option work out for you or do you need people to help
with every element of the move?
Every removal scenario will be different so there is no exact answer as to what is best. Instead, you
need to consider what you need and what you’ll need on the day and then do your research. Speak
to the companies you are interested in working with about your needs & what their solutions will be.
This will help give you a solid idea as to whether they are the right company for you and what the
costs will be – ensuring that you are comparing like for like when you are shopping around.

I’m Moving Home – Don’t I Need a Removal Company?

When you’re moving home and looking to hire some help your first thought is probably of a removal
company – after all, the clue is in the name. Whilst there is no doubt that a home removal company
can help you with any element of moving your belongings; they’re not always the exact service you
Here at The Man Van, we pride ourselves on offering the cheapest man with a van service in London.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be confident in our services. We’re well experienced with
moving houses of all sizes – our vans are well equipped and our team pride themselves in going the
extra mile to ensure that your home move runs smoothly.
Removal companies may be able to assemble furniture at the other end or do other small jobs to get
you moved into your new home – however, they’ll be charging a premium for this. Discuss with us in
advance all of your home moving needs and we’ll do our best to help. What you can be sure of is a
cost-effective and honest quote about what we can do and how we can help you with your next
home move.
We know that when you’re moving house you already have enough costs and worries on your plate
so we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your home move experience is not only smooth and
organised, but cost-effective too!



Moving Companies That Pack For You and how long it take

Moving Companies That Pack For You and how long it take

Moving house should be an exciting time, a new start with a fresh outlook. Keeping it that way is
important to a professional moving company as the man van. They understand the importance of utilising time and
resources appropriately to get the job done safely and efficiently. One area where you could help
and possibly save some money would be to carry out your own packaging. Indeed some
Moving companies expect you to do this yourself. But often choosing a
professional moving company that
offers a packing service can save you time, money and stress.

Time To Pack

Although on first appearance packing a home into boxes does not sound too difficult, it is one of
those tasks that you are not likely to have done often before. This is where a professional packing
team can excel, it is their trade and they are geared up to achieve the task proficiently and quickly.
This can take a lot of stress away from a move. Knowing you have a competent moving company
that will pack and transport your possessions with care offers peace of mind.
Packing does take time, for example, an average studio or 1 bedroom flat takes approximately 2 to 4
hours to pack ready for transportation. Larger properties take longer, with an average 4-bedroom
house taking 8 to 12 hours to pack. These times are for professional packers at themanvan and you will find that it
takes an individual considerably longer. This time taken is often better spent continuing your own
life; the need to take time off work and cancel other plans is negated. This means when you look at
the cost involved you may find you are better financially to use a moving company that packs your
goods themselves.

Packaging Materials

If you do decide to pack your own possessions for transport you will find that some of the extra time
taken is down to the professional team being able to assess what type of packing is suitable for your
items. This can be difficult for a homeowner as ensuring safe transportation of your possessions
always starts with the correct packaging. Using old cardboard boxes and newspapers may seem like
a great idea, but choosing the correct packaging can ensure a high-quality result and save the cost of
replacing damaged items. Using acid-free paper for glass and delicate objects ensures they are not
damaged or marked by old newsprint. Often furniture like sofas can pose packaging problems, these
can be solved by using purpose-made covers which are simple to fit and keep furniture clean and

Correct use of packaging and move service

With modern electronic devices like TV’s and computers the correct packaging is paramount, these
items need to be packaged not only to protect them from impact damage but also to protect them
from the moving process the moving process where poorly packaged items are at risk of unseen damage from the
vibration associated with the vans and commercial vehicles used to transport your possessions.
Professional moving companies that pack for you will be well versed in the correct use of packaging
for the journey ahead, leaving you free to get on with life knowing your possessions are in safe

Absolutely essential tips for moving to London

Absolutely essential tips for moving to London

With so many changes to our home and work lifestyles over the last couple of years, many people
have taken the opportunity to move home. Some of these home moves have seen people relocate
to country locations somewhat off the beaten track. Others who feel relocation could help them
balance work and home life better have chosen to wait. With recent announcements by both the
government and larger businesses that although working from home has its place; it wont be
replacing the work from an office employment model that has been so traditional for many years.
This news has given those that chose to wait and see what would transpire the news they were
waiting for and many are now looking to relocate knowing that their employers and the businesses
with which they associate will likely be retaining their London offices.

Rumours around London property prices abound, and although some of them say prices will fall in
2023, no one can be certain. London has a history of bucking the countries trends when house prices
change. Being of interest to a wider market than many domestic UK locations London will likely
always attract foreign buyers who wish to either own property within the capital or who choose to
live there as it is one of the most productive cities in the world for high technology businesses and
the many supporting companies that have sprung up in recent years to cater for their individual
requirements for the products and services they require to be effective.

Rent Or Buy when move to London ?

In general, those that have chosen to live in London have either purchased property or rented
suitable accommodation. Both are viable ways to live within the city, renting gives more flexibility to
short notice moves and relocation than the ownership route, However with Londons propensity for
bucking the trend when it comes to pricing, often those wishing to live there will buy into the
property market and hope to show a return when they move in the future. Historically this has been
an excellent investment and although no one can predict for certain how prices in the future will be
affected, betting against London has in the past seen few winners. Nationally prices do fluctuate in
either direction. Although this trend has seen a little stabilisation recently with more people working
from home bringing demand for homes in all areas of the country more on par with each other.

A Smooth Move company in London

Whether you choose to rent or buy a property, moving to London requires careful planning. Rental
companies and estate agents alike are aware of the idiosyncrasies of the city and what is required to
complete a move or relocation there successfully. One thing that brings the different routes together
in a practical sense is their choice of removal companies to enable the sometimes challenging logistic
and physical requirements of a modern city move to be completed with as little disruption as
possible. Many removal companies not versed in the procedures needed to complete a move
without hitch would be surprised at the level of planning such a move requires and those with hopes
to move would always be best served by selecting a professional removal company versed in these
kinds of tasks.

Stress free move in London

Moving Back to London, stress free move

Whether you’re moving back to London or want to move to the city for the first time, there is no denying it’s an exciting and likely slightly daunting task. Relocating is never something that feels an easy prospect to get started with, but that doesn’t mean the adventure isn’t worth it. Instead, if you’re thinking I’ll probably move back to London and get a flat there here are some tips to help get the a cheap removal price:

Get Organised

Organisation when it comes to moving is definitely key; you’ll want to get everything booked in
advance so that there is no rushing around at the last minute. Lists will become your best friend and you’ll want to have labels on all of your boxes; which makes life much easier when it comes to

Do Your Research


Whether you’re moving imminently or it is something that you are thinking about for the future,
research is the key to getting your dream home and helping the process run smoothly. The rental
market in London moves very quickly, so researching the area you want to live & even streets that
you are interested in can really help. Even buying property can be fast paced so making sure you know what your affordability is and what you need in terms of a deposit is a must.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to

Moving to a new area, whether that is London or elsewhere can be stressful but also the start of a brand new adventure.

Have a look at everything your new local area has to offer & get yourselves
some activities booked in to look forward to – a show at a local theatre or dinner at a restaurant just
down the round. This not only gives you something to look forward to but a great way of helping you
settle into your new area.

Get a Helping Hand on the Moving day


Of course, when it comes to moving day you’ll have lots to do and lots to organise, which is why
getting a helping hand is essential. This doesn’t just mean working with a reliable moving firm, but
roping in friends and family to help too. For example, is there someone that can have the dog for the
day or take the kids out somewhere? Do you have a friend nearby that you can go to for dinner
later? Anything that you can think of that will help make your day easier is something that you
should think about when sorting out the plans for moving day.

When To Move


If you’re thinking about moving back to London then there is no right or wrong time. The London
property market (both rental and buying) is one that moves quickly and in many ways can be
unpredictable. However, that doesn’t mean that you should put off moving. However, what should
be noted is that the conveyancing process for buying and selling is taking some time, so if you want
to move before Christmas it is important to get the ball rolling ASAP!

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Removal Service Price in 2022

How The Price of Diesel is Affecting Removal Service in 2022

Whether you’re a removal driver or not, you can’t escape the rising cost of fuel how this is having a knock-
on effect on so much more. When you consider that the supply chain of getting pretty much
anything from A to B relies on fuel and the cost of this is usually passed onto the consumer. That is
why those that are searching for a reliable man and van service may have noticed prices creeping up.

Rising Costs for Removal Companies in 2022

When you consider that a large chunk of the day for any man and van service is going to be driving
from one location to another, it is no surprise that they are starting to notice a rise in costs. The
average cost for fuel across the UK is higher than ever & in fact, has been rising even above previous
record levels for a number of weeks.
Fuel is one of those things that we need. It isn’t like our weekly drink on a Saturday that we have as a
treat or a takeaway we cheekily order every now and then – it’s a necessity and it’s hard to avoid
buying it altogether. Even shopping around for fuel can prove counter-productive when you consider
how much you could potentially spend driving around to an alternative petrol station.

Seeking a Cheap Removal Service

Unfortunately, removal services aren’t exempt from the rising cost of fuel and we’re affected in the
same way as you are. As a business that relies on using large amounts of fuel, undoubtedly there are
going to be times when are costs may be more than they were previously. When looking for a cheap
removal service, it is important to consider what you get for the package compared to the price tag.
We’re proud to offer a cost-effective service, but also we always go the extra mile to ensure that
your home move runs as smoothly as possible. We cover the whole of London with multiple offers
which means that no matter your location and the size of your moving project we’ll be able to
allocate the best drivers and removal men to suit you and your needs.

What Man and Van Have To Say About It

Rising costs are something that we’re all aware of regardless of whether we run a removal business or not.
We have all seen the knock-on effect of rising costs of removals across the board thanks to stiff increases in the
cost of filling up. We’re dedicated to offering a cheap removal service that is something that will
never change. As costs rise there may be some changes to the price tag attached to our service, but
we’ll always do everything we can to help ensure that you get nothing less than great value for
We know that moving house is already a costly time and that you’ll be wanting to ensure that your
costs are kept as manageable as possible. Get in touch today for a quote and let’s have a no-
obligation chat about what you need and how we can help.

Cheap Removal Service Could Be Affected By Rising Inflation

Cheap Removal Service Could Be Affected By Rising Inflation

When you are choosing a new home the costs of moving are something that often doesn’t get
particular attention during the budgeting stage. Knowing the costs will be a part of any house move
tends to mean they don’t figure in an individual calculation. It will come as no surprise that the
entire home moving industry home moving industry is being affected by the increased cost of living in recent months.

The Transport Industry in General as Removal Price could be affected

As part of the transport industry, home moving companies faced increased costs across the board.
The business of providing top-quality reliable service at the best price possible involves careful
calculations to ensure customers can be provided with the service they require.
Of course, this has resulted in a modest increase in costs across the industry. Companies that can
still offer a cheap removal service are the ones that know these calculations best and can react
quickly to changing daily costs. The vehicles that are used to transport your possessions are
commercial vehicles that are designed to carry significant volumes and weights for extended periods
come rain or shine.

Naturally, that leads to the vehicles consuming more energy than that of a domestic car and the
result is a significant fuel bill for the removal service operator. It is a credit to these cheap removal
services that they can still provide the high-quality services like those provided by The Man Van and
yet contain their increase in costs to the customer at figures that coincide with the governments
claimed rates of inflation.

The Rising Cost of Inflation affect all removal companies in uk.

Published inflation rates are often those known as core inflation rates. These rates described as a
percentage exclude the costs of energy and food. Being able to contain cost increases within these
core inflation percentages has been possible by continuing to stay up to date with technological
advances in transport management and logistics techniques as well as advances in vehicle efficiency
which go somewhat towards reducing the impact of ever-increasing fuel costs impact upon the
industry in general.

One aspect that cannot be ignored is the increase in the cost of living for both our customers as well
as our experienced drivers and staff. With the cost of living facing rises in almost every sector, this
can only be compensated for by increased wages. Experienced professional drivers with the skills
needed to ensure the safety and security of a customers valued possessions are in a much shorter

Managers at removal companies removal companies in the UK work hard to ensure these times of increasing costs and
shortages in high-quality drivers do not impact the quality of service they provide their valued
customers whilst ensuring the customer gets the best value for money during their home move.
Here at The Man Van, we understand the need for a removal service that is cost-effective and does
the job well. We’ll always work with you to provide the best possible service for the best possible
price. We’re happy to provide a quote and talk through your needs, so feel free to get in touch with
our friendly and cheap removal team today.

Packing Supplies You Can’t Do Without

Packing Supplies You Can’t Do Without

Organization is the key word of which to focus upon when planning a move. Take the time to make sure all packing supplies have been bought, rented, borrowed or found for free.

There are professional packers who are willing to come to your place of residence to assist with the packing and offer advice to make moving house easier and better organized. Having packing services before moving day saves time. Because when the team of man with van Soho arrive, they will have the removal boxes with them in order to keep everything in order.

Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

If a choice has been made to use the packers and their packing services on a limited basis, it is best to research what the 5 packing supplies are that is needed when the decision has been made to move.

First contact grocery stores or retail stores about saving small, medium and large boxes. Use packing tape for the boxes rather than the conventional tape used for presents during the holidays. The packing tape is wider and stronger to help keep the boxes secure during the move. After all, you do not want the contents of a box falling down on your feet during the move, right?

A cheap way to get packing materials is looking for them in local markets.

Cardboard boxes can be found almost anywhere and you can make use of them as if they were provided from the moving company. All you need to add to them is secure packaging. Make sure that you have enough tape and don’t forget the filling. Newspapers can easily replace packing peanuts, so go wild with that old pile in the cellar or attic you have been keeping.

Next have measurements of the rooms in the new home, know where the doors, windows and outlets are located in order to be able to direct the house movers exactly where pieces of large furniture will fit. Write out an inventory either on paper, tablet, laptop computer and give a copy of the items to be moved to the packers or movers of whom are trustworthy. When buying the packing tape be sure to grab enough bubble wrap and several black felt marking pens.

Put a variety of boxes in each room along with the bubble wrap, packing tape and black felt pens.

Once the items in a particular room have been packed properly, tape the box shut and write on the outside of the box the room the items came from. This way if the items came from a child’s bedroom, write the child’s name on the box and also the word bedroom. Last of all start planning the move early, to avoid any unexpected events.

And with this you get all the advice needed to go through a proper move. No need to fret, it is an easy thing to take care of. Simply plan ahead, plan carefully, move safely.

What Should You Include In The Moving Checklist

What Should You Include In The Moving Checklist ?

There are so many important things that you don’t want to forget when compiling the moving checklist. You may often go through all your belongings repeatedly and keep checking the labels of the boxes to make sure that you know what’s inside.

There are some specific objects which really require exceptional care. Look at the following examples:

– Fragile objects. Mirrors, paintings, glass countertops or cups. They are all fragile objects that require exceptional care when handling the removal boxes, they’re placed in. That’s why you want to label all the boxes with these items with the “Fragile” label. Keep in mind that when including these objects in your checklist. A great idea is to make a completely different column only for these items.

Treat them as a completely different part of your belongings. You can even make a completely new checklist if you are planning a house relocation. With all the kitchen appliances, kitchen robots, electronic devices, flat screen TV, etc. They are all very fragile and delicate objects. And it would be safer it they are packed individually, handled individually and more carefully.What Should You Include In The Moving Checklist

– The heavy items may also be included in a different small checklist of their own. Or you may organize the checklist by starting with the biggest items, which usually are the heaviest ones. They require heavy lifting and the strongest family members should be informed in advance about the heavy items that they should handle.

Tips for Move Planning

Supply your helpers with gloves for heavy lifting and heavy-duty handling straps, while, in the checklist. You can include the approximate weight and size of every big object in the description column.

– The small accessories and the smallest items should also take a special place in your checklist for domestic removals. These are the tiny little objects, which can easily be lost somewhere within the boxes. As well as not being that easy to find when unpacking your possessions in the new house.

A useful tip is to make different columns in your checklist for the different rooms. Where these small items belong. Use only small boxes, where the small items can fit properly.

Expert Relocation Checklist

– The dismantled furniture may look quite heavy and difficult to lift and handle. But dismantling is the best way to ensure their safety and yet use less of the valuable storage space in the moving van. Not all the furnishings can be dismantled. A small separate column for the dismantled ones should be enough for the movers to decide. Whether to handle these heavy items first or to leave them for last.

– When organising your checklist, organise it by rooms or in a mixed layout. The rooms’ organisation is often the preferred choice if you are moving out of a huge two- or three-storey house with plenty of rooms. Then, the first column of the checklist should contain the name of every room. While the second column should contain only the objects from this room.

Such an arrangement provides plenty of other advantages. For instance, you can avoid making more columns for the labels of the moving boxes if they are the same as the names of the rooms.

House moving checklist

A checklist formed in such a way may look like a collection of numerous sheets that look like small checklists themselves.

Unpacking in the new house can be done in the same rooms where the items belong. The mixed type of moving checklist lets you organize your possessions in more columns by the name of the item. The room from where it is taken, the name of the label of the box where it is stored, and an extra column for some important notes for the item.

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