Avoid Move House and left furniture behind.

Left furniture behind in London become one of the biggest problem for any rent agreement between tenants and landlords when moving in London area.
always some piece of furniture that we don’t need become a big problem as it take space or its too large and cant fit on you new place.
Almost all the house and apartment rented in London is provided with furniture that mean “problem” if you have you own, okay you can’t take it with you as you don’t have any space left to keep it, you can’t left it behind as you correctly landlord want the place clean and you need you deposit back as soon as possible.

The man van – cheap man with van can give you Peace of Mind throughout the entire move.

moving problem and solutionYou can’t stuck furniture out side of your new property
You know the council can give you a charge up to £1000, if you dropping any furniture or rubbish out side.
You must book a collection and it can take time, let say weeks but you can’t wait.

Here’s a Good advice for you.

1– ask some friends if they want your unwanted furniture that they can collect and you don’t need to worry about it any more.

2– Call the Council and try to book a collection it can take up to 1 week or more but they do and its completely free

3– contact some companies that can do a collection for you.

theres many company that provide this service with a small fees if you cant wait this can be a good option.
It’s really important that you book it in advance to avoid the charges.

When you book it advance it will be completely free of charge it all depend with company you deal with
The man van offer a free collection, we do once a week and it’s completely free of charge.
We reserve one day of the week that we can collect unwanted furniture in London. Before spend any cash and time give us a call and talk with us it’s completely free.
Considering that we are the cheap man and van in London we are the only company that offer a free collection of unwanted furniture
Moving house office and avoid the council and landlords charges by contact the cheap man with in London to collect your unwanted furniture completely free.

book you unwanted furniture collection today with our cheap man and van.

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