The man van | Cheapest Man and Van Hire London

The man van | Cheapest Man and Van Hire London

How much does a man and a van cost

How much does a man and a van cost in London area ? people say its cheap and can be helpful.

Have you been looking for a reliable company that offers world-class removal services? Many company offers both commercial and residential services and its really cheaper. The services are customized to match with every customer’s needs and taste. Your location of residence in London should never be a worry. The man van covers east London, north London, west London and south east London. Let’s see whether the company lives up to what it promises.


What a man with a van in London can do for you

Man with a van companies offers a wide range of services. The following are the most common services;

House clearance

Perhaps you need your house to be cleared partially or wholly. The man with a van can help you to clear your house. You can hire these services for sofa set, mattresses, tables, fridges, computers and others items cleared from your house. The unwanted items can be disposed from your house in the most eco-friendly way.

Office relocation

If you want to do office relocation efficiently the man van  is the best choice. This is because you will be provided with packing boxes and wrapping materials that will help you to pack your items correctly. The relocation is done quickly and efficiently. In fact, chances of getting delays are slim to none.

Home removals

The man van offers both loading and offloading services. It doesn’t matter whether you want to move small loads or big loads. You can have all the services offered to you. The moving services can be extended to those people who live outside London.

Storage services

Relocating into a new home may not be possible for just a day. For this reason, you need to find a place to store your items temporarily. The man van is the best option to have your items stored safely. We ensures that your goods are stored in a way that will make you feel satisfied.

Assembling furniture

Assembling and disassembling furniture is not easy especially for those who have never done it before. This is where we comes in. you will have your furniture disassembled and reassembled when they land in your new location. This furniture includes; beds, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes and TV desks. You can also have your furniture moved from the carpenter to your home.

Others services that the man van offers include; packing services, student moves, man and van hire among other services.

Why choose The man with a van

Reliable and punctual services- man with van can be trusted. This is because the staff ensures that the items are delivered on time. Moreover, the goods are given absolute care and you will expect no damages on your fragile goods.

24/7 services- the services are offered at any time of the day; both day and night. Therefore if you want emergency removal services, you can call at any time and you will get instant assistance. To top up the best performance, the services are delivered even on weekends and public holidays. In fact, weekends and holidays are the busiest days.Man and van at The man van

Affordable prices-the prices charged to have your removals done can be accommodated by your tight budget. Both small and medium removals are charged affordably. The payments can be made by cheque, cash or by cards. However, payment must be made before the removal services are offered.

Special storage- your valuable items need to be handled with care. Man with a van London has special facilities that safeguard such items.

Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Is booking in advance allowed?

Yes. It is important to book early enough before the removal day. This is because there is competition for space. You may miss space if you wait until it is too late.

  1. 2. How are fragile items handled?

Fragile items are vulnerable to damage if they are not handled correctly. To make sure that your items are protected, man with a van makes sure that those items are wrapped in strong wrapping papers.

  1. 3. Am I allowed to move in the same van?

The vans usually accommodate two people plus the driver. Those people are not charged anything. This means that you will only pay for the removals. However, if you want to travel in the van, you must give a notice earlier. It is also important to note that travelling in the van is at your own risk and the company is not liable if something happens on the way.

  1. 4. How long does it take for my goods to be delivered?

Man with a van works hard to ensure that the time quoted is adhered to. The delivery will be around the estimated time but not the exact time. This is because there are some external factors that may cause delays.

Handling large removals

The nature of man with a van does not allow very large removals. This is because the removals are impossible to handle. Those items include; large pianos and other large items. Special arrangements are made for the removal of such items. However, you must pay an extra coin for those removals.

Prices charged

The prices charged by man with a van in London varies depending on the distance covered. For example, fuel charges are applied for removals outside M25. Congestion and packing fee may also be charged where necessary. Students with NUS identification are given 10% discount when they hire man van in London. VAT charges are not charged. It is also important to note that all prices are explained clearly and there are no hidden charges.


If you are living in London and you want to get the best removal services then it will be prudent to seek man with a van especially in London. The company has is cheaper compared to removal companies. Hiring it will save your money a great deal. Many customers who have used these services have given positive testimonies on the quality of service that they have received. You can also take advantage of these removal services. Hire today!!


How A Single Mum Can Find Help When Moving House

How a Single Mum Can Find Help When Moving House.

When moving, a single mother can either hire a professional moving company or a local man and a van to help her out. Moving a house involves several packages, ranging from the full moving packages, to hybrid and finally to the do-it-yourself packages. It is very stressful for a single mum to move all by herself. Hence, it is prudent to hire a local man and a van.

Advantages of hiring movers include:

· Stress free

Hiring a qualified individual together with a van to fully begin moving makes them liable to any damages. You should find someone offering moving services that will take good care of every single aspect from packing to unpacking in new locations. Mum do not stressAll you have to do is make sure that everything is being carried out smoothly, leaving you stress-free. The person should be knowledgeable in that kind of job. Situations where a single mother is doing everything all by herself is practically very stressful.

· Cheap and sociable

Before proper calculations, hiring a professional might seem a bit costly for single women. It certainly works in your favor when hiring an expert. Do a rough approximation on how much you would pay to hire a means of transport, pack the employees yourself, fuel the vehicle, ferry the goods to the new location, probably hire some hands to help you unload and then compare that with how much you would pay to hire a professional to do a similar amount of work. You will recognize that you will be saving more money, energy and time as well.

· Skill and equipment you lack

You might have equipment that requires very delicate and expert handling. A good example is moving your expensive fridge to another place. You can easily find a skillful guy for moving services. Moreover, you will totally enjoy quality services and have he while using his apt equipment and skill to move your assets safe and sound. It is really tough in undertaking a move like this all by yourself or by hiring different people for different jobs. Going for one single person and a van enables one entity to be fully responsible for all your assets.

· Heavy lifting

A do-it-yourself effort at heavy lifting often results in damages to walls or furniture while moving through hallways, doorways, or areas with restricted spaces. Moreover, heavy lifting is unsuitable for your spine, thus, avoid straining your back. Find a professional who has been perfectly trained and has the knowledge of carefully moving home contents without causing any damage.

· Packing and labeling

A lot of time is wasted in packing and labeling. However, you can get a professional who will help you save a lot of time and effort that’s needed in preparing the move. All aspects of packing and labeling the boxes are put into consideration to avoid any confusion. This makes sure valuables and delicate items are safe en route to your new destination.

· Property safety

A professional mover takes additional care of your assets at all times. He can even go a step further in using specialized materials to pack your belongings. He will also make good use of the van available for the transportation job. A laid down procedure is often followed to ensure everything moves fast and smooth as well.

It is very easy to find a guy and a van to help you move. Nonetheless, it requires early planning, a strategic approach and being careful. As a single mum, don’t ever stress yourself. You can always go online to find the best moving person and van as well.…

How to be safe when hire a local man and van

Tips to locate the safety Local Man and Van in London area.

Most of us who stay in London have been forced to move a couple of times right ?

Here is where we need to pay attention, hire a local man and van is a good option but you will be surprised to know that London alone has over 1000 dedicated man and van registered businesses. As such, it could be important to know which of the businesses serves best and efficiently. To determine the best local man and van near you will only need a small checklist to ensure you get the best and cheap one. That is:local man and van safaty first

  1. Make a deep search: the second step after wanting to move is obviously to search for the the local man and van business near you. check on Google and other search engines. They have made the distance between you and the man van  business near you to be as easy as a “double tap.” So, you got my permission to stop reading and enter the phrase “man and van hire clapham” and read through some of them then get moving.
  2. Confirm the business residence: The internet alone is not enough. Take a step to check out the business premise before you hire your local man and man. To know what I mean, you only need to ask yourself this question: “Do all ladies look as pretty as they are on Facebook?” Certainly not. So, come-on man, this is a city. You don’t want to trust any “John” or “Edward” who asks to visit your home/business and move your office/home by just looking at a site. There is more to learn from the physical office than the softcopy.
  3. Consider the cost of delivering: If you are after moving something precious like an office, you will love to opt for the expensive options because efficiency and security matter more than even the cost. As such, it could be better to go expensive. When moving a small load however, please don’t be too expensive not unless you are really in a haste or is migrating to a palace. There are always cheaper options of local man and van business near us. Why then do you need to get worried?
  4. Check out their other services besides delivery: Hey! Don’t be in haste to hire a man and van business. It is not just about moving, it is also about enjoying the delivery. Nowadays some of the businesses offer even discounts and insurance in case our goods may get spoilt on the process of delivering, so why not look out for such assurances. Considering the cost of moving is good. But the best is to consider insurances in case of emergencies. If you are really looking for the most efficient local man and van near you, this simple tips should get you started. So go ahead and make it count.

Occupy the Kids During the Moving Process

The Best Ways to Occupy the Kids During the Moving Process

Moving can be tough on its own and even harder when you have small children running around. In many families these days, both parents have to be at work during the and home evenings and weekends taking care of the children. There is very little time for other activities, especially when it comes to packing up the house and getting ready for the next big move. Here are a few suggestions as to how to handle the little ones while preparing for and moving home.

Many families that have school aged children often opt to move during a time of the year that school is not in. This option is chosen to not interrupt the children’s school year by changing schools and use the less structured time to send the children off for for a period of time. It is favorable for parents to choose to send their children off to relatives for a week up to month. preparing for and moving homeGrandparents, aunts, uncles or other family members are usually more than happy to help with the children during this time as they often know from experience that it is much easier to make these type of transitions without little ones in the house. It is really great to have close family or friends to help when situations like this come up. These are people that you have known your entire life, know what to expect when it comes to your children and in most cases loving care for your children is free.

Another great idea for the children, is to send them to overnight summer camp. There are many wonderful enriching options for children, that can last from a few days to the entire summer vacation. There are camps based around sports, art, horseback riding, music, service work and just about any child friendly fun activity you can think of. As with any situation that you are going to put your children in, be sure to do your due diligence and check that you are choosing a safe place for your child to spend time while you are packing up and moving home.
A last solution could be to talk with your children and have them choose a hand full of items in their rooms that they simply cannot live without for about a week and maybe pack up that section of their rooms during that time. Then for the actual move, have them stay at a friends house for a couple of nights so you can have peace of mind while shuffling boxes in and out of the moving van.

As stated previously, moving can be hard, but you can make the entire process much easier on the whole family by exploring some of your options to send your children away during the moving process. Remember, close family and friends first, they are the most likely to help you out in a bind, look into overnight summer camps or consider friends for a shorter period of time when in a real bind.


Moving from London to birmingham The Cheap Way.

Basic Principles toget the cheap man with a van to moving from London to birmingham The Cheap Way to do.

Television shows are guilty of showing that house removals are easy. This is a fantasy, as these procedures don’t go fast. The process is painstaking in so many ways, especially if you have much to pack and need to move far away let say London to birmingham, you must get the cheap man and van.
Procedures in home removals include packing away everything, loading them to the man van, and unloading everything once you’re in your new home. The first part requires hard labor. Three areas you should pay attention to involves documents, clothes, and glassware. Keeping important papers in one folder or envelope is wise so you won’t leave anything behind. Clothes can be trickier. Wash everything so you can bundle all inside sturdy luggage. Using bubble wrap on glassware is necessary, along with keeping these in boxes clearly marked as witn van London to birmingham

Loading everything from your house onto the van requires strength, patience, and spatial skills.

Strength is the answer to lifting heavy objects, while the other characteristics are important once you arrange these on the vehicle. As you fit everything, you can find yourself moving things from one area to another.
Unloading is another nightmarish situation especially if you packed in a hurry. Unlabeled boxes can lead to confusion, as you don’t know what these contain. Positioning furniture also becomes an instant hassle, as you need to work your overworked muscles.

Why consider house removal experts?

House removal professionals have experience and expertise you do not. They can help in packing, loading, and unloading to have you moving out the old house and in the new one faster. These companies have established methodologies in all areas. Companies carry the necessary insurance so you have your back covered.
Many also offer additional services like unpacking, cleaning, and even pet transportation. Unpacking and cleaning relieves you of more dilemma as others do this for you. Pet transportation ensures your pet is not left behind once you transfer. They can keep your pet safe as you manage your household.
The best part is they can also offer storage service. Moving doesn’t mean you need to take everything with you. Storage space helps you keep some things away from your house in a safer location. You can use the space to assess what you need to keep or discard later.

What are interstate furniture removals?

Interstate furniture removals require moving furniture from one state to another. Some companies include services not just for neighboring states, but also for international transfers. This removal service is useful if you suddenly need to relocate to another state or move abroad. Features provided vary, but many businesses offer the same services in the relocation process. You can get help in packing and loading that meet international standards. Some businesses will also help you with customs clearance, and advise you on quarantine. Their proven methods will be handy to prepare you with your forthcoming transfer.
Home removals require intensive preparation and the earlier you do, so the better. If you have yet to find experts, do so today. Use the Internet as google or phone directory for listings. Call the companies and ask for official quotations on service and rates. I wish you all the best. Thank you!

the man van – Moving from London to birmingham The Cheap Way with a happy end.

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Tips on how to move your office in the last minute.

Tips on how to move your office in the last minute using the cheapest company

Are you a business that needs to change its premise? Or is your business opening a new branch? Do you need help to moving office on last minute? If your answer is a “Yes”, then the internet city offers you more answers than you can properly take on this topic.

We live in a world that is characterised by huge advancements in business. With the growth in business comes an urge to venture into new areas. In London for example, it is estimated that there exist over 500 dedicated office movers in the city. So what can guide one in need to moving offices on last minute? it not mean that it will be really expensive just because doing it on last minute, you can still find a cheap man and a van that can help you with a really good price.
The amount of goods to me moved: for a developing business as well as the advanced ones, the cost of the services is of great significance. When you have a small office to be relocated consider to opt to small sized and cheaper priced office movers like the Smart Removers. However for advanced businesses, trust and efficiency are key, as such, it could be better to think of already advanced last minute office movers for this job.

Check on the reviews and the history of a company: when you really need help in moving an office on the last minute, speed and quality need to be your key checking points. As such, one needs to study the reviews of the companies and compare those who support them as well as the critics before making a judgment. Do not rush in making decisions, trust is at times costly in both time and money. As such, when in need of moving office on the last minute, think of established ones too like the Any Van and the Removers office movers.
Consider the cost: Not all companies in England make millions, some strive on the edge of survival and extinction. Thus, when an owner or a planner intends to move offices of such companies, it is important to take time to research on the cost and take the least time to move them. This not matter even if you had to do it overnight, the important part is that the company will thrive by using a cheaper option.
Inspect their “report cards”: If you get a slight chance to see some of the previous jobs done by the company you intend to use, never hesitate to see how efficient they operate. It will cost you no money to pay attention on their jobs, but it can cost you your entire business if you ignore. It is therefore important that when you need help to move office on the last minute you take some time to inspect the contractor’s “report card”.
Consider some additional services offered by the company: when the entire business of house moving started, it had nothing apart from moving offices. In the current world however, on may need to be assured of additional services like the arrangement of the offices and insurance in case of damage. Therefore, when you need help in moving offices in the last minute, look beyond just moving.

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How to hire a cheap man and van hire London

How to hire a cheap man and van hire in London area with just one phone call.

London is a masterpiece of city designs; a city of dreams. Its aerial photos are what sells in many movies. In addition, London also hosts the world’s most cherished house architectural blueprints ever made. To believe this, you only need to take any poorly taken picture on the Houses of Parliament and you will know why my description is still inadequate. But not every person stays in the palaces, some of us come from the downer part of the city where we crave to find cheap manual labor as a cheap man and van hire in London area is quite easy to find.

So, how do I hire a cheap man in London?google it, man and van cheap one

Try some immigrant labor: As I did state, London is a city of dreams, it attracts several immigrants some of whom are after getting some cash to push on with the city life. Most of them can easily offer cheap manual labor that even the St. Giles’ born can afford without a hiccup. So your first though to acquiring cheap man for hire is simply to try an immigrant.
Advertise your job or look at google: If you need a cheap man in London, make an effort to shout where you need a helping hand. By saying you “shout”, I don’t mean you talk about it everywhere, just write the note “I need hire a cheap man and a van hire in London or area…. Contact me via +44….” Pin it then wait for a call.

Don’t be too desperate:

Please don’t tell Satan that Jesus has died he will turn worse, tell him Jesus will resurrect. When you need a cheap man for hire, don’t use begging words like “please”, “beseech” and other imploring words when talking to a common laborer. This makes them charge you an extra fee due to your desperation. So do you need to hire a cheap man in town? Stop begging use a professional request like “kindly, ….,” then try the above tactics alongside it.

How do I find a cheap van hire in London?

I once made a “mistake” of entering the phrase “Cheapest van hire in London” on the Google search engine. You cannot believe it that I found over 1 million results in fractions of seconds, all of them with no adequate guide of how to acquire the cheapest and the best. That made me research on the simplest tactics as opposed to companies and below is how to make the cut in cheap van hire in London.
Be on the watch out in your residence: To find a cheap van hire in London, you only need to walk with your eyes open and you will not miss to get several cabs moving in your own house yard that can pick you up early to work in

the most affordable costs.

Be the first to make van hire offer: In the case of van hire companies, the cheapest among the van hire companies is the one with the least demand. So if you want it cheap, be the first one in the line and develop the trust with your van hire company that will moving you by being a regular.…

Cheap and temporary storage for students.

The 05 Cheap and temporary storage for students in and around London.

Being a student could at times require one to carry extensive research. Traditionally, researchers and the book geeks were characterised by carrying loads and loads of files to and from classes. It may not always be books, don’t you know of the wine that you could love to keep before Friday night? In our age, things are getting simpler, you only need some internet for research and a cheap temporary storage for your student needs. So, are you worried on where to find a cheap and temporary storage facility for students near your residence? If you are, you only need to check out some building next to your school. The following is a list of 5 of the best businesses that offer cheap and temporary storage for students from your next door, you’ll need to find a cheap man with a van, to get all your belongs there and why not get the cheap one, The man van.

temporary storage
The Space ways stores:

They are the most popular store in town for student storage services. They charge from £3 per month. Their services are always reliable and (I have to admit) very fancy. Besides storage, they can also move your parcels making them even more favorable. However, their services are a little expensive what could make them less popular with time.

The Big Yellow:

The big yellow is the market leader in terms of service and cheap self-storage for students in the entire of England. Just think of prices that start from £2.5 a month. Besides, it has over 37 stores in London alone. This makes it the most preferable option for storage and in goods transfer. Besides, it is estimated that nine in every ten students who have used their services rate it with a 5-star. So if you would love to have the embodiment of both quality and cost you can try the “Big Yellow” near you. Nevertheless, some students cannot consider to place £2.5 per month in their list of cheap temporary storage for students. To them, there can always be another plan below.

The Love-space storage:

The Love-space storage facility for students are a better plan for those who love to save a pound. Their storage costs begin from just a staggering £1.95 per month. I guess that is the sounds better to save some   £0.51 for a different task. This company is yet to be established, but with no doubt their services are worth yearning for.

The Shurgard student store:

from Norbury to Neasden down to the Edgware then to about 17 other storage locations in London are the Shurgards. They fall in this list for their cheap and temporary storage services for student. They have a vast scope of storage facilities and are very reliable over box storage services to us students. Their services start from just £1 per month. This is what makes them fall in my list of cheap and temporary storage facilities for students.
The Fort Box Student Storage: If you stay in the city’s central business district area and wish to have the very best services at their cheapest, try the Fort Box Student Storage. They offer more than just cheap and temporary storage for students. You can enjoy van transportation to school and even a cool place with free WIFI to study. You need not to worry, there is always a store owned by a neighbor.

Man and Van services

Avoid Move house and left any furniture behind

Avoid Move House and left furniture behind.

Left furniture behind in London become one of the biggest problem for any rent agreement between tenants and landlords when moving in London area.
always some piece of furniture that we don’t need become a big problem as it take space or its too large and cant fit on you new place.
Almost all the house and apartment rented in London is provided with furniture that mean “problem” if you have you own, okay you can’t take it with you as you don’t have any space left to keep it, you can’t left it behind as you correctly landlord want the place clean and you need you deposit back as soon as possible.

The man van – cheap man with van can give you Peace of Mind throughout the entire move.

moving problem and solutionYou can’t stuck furniture out side of your new property
You know the council can give you a charge up to £1000, if you dropping any furniture or rubbish out side.
You must book a collection and it can take time, let say weeks but you can’t wait.

Here’s a Good advice for you.

1– ask some friends if they want your unwanted furniture that they can collect and you don’t need to worry about it any more.

2– Call the Council and try to book a collection it can take up to 1 week or more but they do and its completely free

3– contact some companies that can do a collection for you.

theres many company that provide this service with a small fees if you cant wait this can be a good option.
It’s really important that you book it in advance to avoid the charges.

When you book it advance it will be completely free of charge it all depend with company you deal with
The man van offer a free collection, we do once a week and it’s completely free of charge.
We reserve one day of the week that we can collect unwanted furniture in London. Before spend any cash and time give us a call and talk with us it’s completely free.
Considering that we are the cheap man and van in London we are the only company that offer a free collection of unwanted furniture
Moving house office and avoid the council and landlords charges by contact the cheap man with in London to collect your unwanted furniture completely free.

book you unwanted furniture collection today with our cheap man and van.


The impact of using a Local man with van business.

The impact of using a Local man with van business it can save your pocket


Many people just don’t realise in hire a local company, a local company is always cheaper they grow up really first down the road and invest on the community, they are a good business that invest in your area.

They don’t need to driving far away to come to you, they do not charge you for a simple view before give you an estimate, you’ll not get any surprise when hire a local one.Local business man and van

If they are not local they will deal with you over the phone and when the time come up it will be simple to change the rules and you’ll not have any option, avoid this scam and try to get some one local it will be the cheapest way and trustful.

London get bigger every day and many people just fell much safe to get a local company that they can trust if some thing going wrong its easy to get all fixed in time and don’t need to deal with phone call, who never wasted one hour on the phone try to get in to the right department to make a complaint – try to get refund or just to check how the thing going on with the placed order.

With a local company you’ll be safe as you don’t need to wait hours.
when you hire a local man with a van you’ll see how easy is to deal with all the task that you need
if you don’t  find one by recommendation look up on google, type “ Local man with van” or any other keyword related with your needs google alway bring up some great deal that can save you whole day.
The second alternative if didn’t find a local one is trying the online directory or your local yellow page you can find one easy, Google is alway the best option to look when have an internet connection.

One thing you must do is make sure the company that you picked is register have all the license to work, check if the van that they use is in good shape, you don’t want to be on the meadow of the road with all you belongs, this is why you must check if they have all the proper paper to work as insurance and recovery in case of break down. Check our home page may we are just down the road…